How to set up code style for DHIS2

It can be very helpful to follow the DHIS2 style to ensure that you write clean, readable, and functional code for your DHIS2 applications.

To do this, the DHIS2 CLI style provides a tool that checks and fixes the style of JavaScript and text files in your repository.

The d2-style runs prettier and eslint under the hood with a standardized configuration.

It also installs git hooks with husky which will automatically check your code style before making a git commit!

1. Add d2-style#

First, add d2-style as a development dependency:

yarn add @dhis2/cli-style --dev

2. Set up a pre-configured project#

d2-style comes with code style for a range of presets. The preset project/react should be a good starting point for a React project, as it adds eslint-plugin-react.

Run this command to automatically set up the project to follow the DHIS2 code style:

yarn d2-style install project/react

3. Set up scripts#

Then, add the following scripts to package.json:

// package.json
// ...
"scripts": {
// ...
"lint": "d2-style js check && d2-style text check",
"format": "d2-style js apply && d2-style text apply"

Try out your new scripts!

yarn lint
yarn format