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d2 app scripts build

Create a standalone production app build in the ./build directory

> d2 app scripts build --help
d2-app-scripts build

Build a production app bundle for use with the DHIS2 app-shell

Global Options:
-h, --help Show help [boolean]
-v, --version Show version number [boolean]
--verbose Enable verbose messages [boolean]
--debug Enable debug messages [boolean]
--quiet Enable quiet mode [boolean]
--config Path to JSON config file

--cwd working directory to use (defaults to cwd)
--mode Specify the target build environment
[choices: "development", "production"] [default: production]
--dev Build in development mode [boolean]
--verify Validate package before building [boolean] [default: true]
--watch Watch source files for changes [boolean] [default: false]
--standalone Build in standalone mode (overrides the d2.config.js setting)