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Getting Started


The DHIS2 application runtime provides a common, consistent, single-dependency runtime dependency for DHIS2 applications. It is published as @dhis2/app-runtime on NPM


> yarn add @dhis2/app-runtime

Please ensure that all webpack bundles reference the same instance of @dhis2/app-runtime. We recommmend running npx yarn-deduplicate --packages @dhis2/app-runtime. Libraries should include @dhis2/app-runtime as a peerDependency.


React >= 16.8

This library uses the official React Context API (introduced in 16.3) and React Hooks (introduced in 16.8), so React >= 16.8 is required to use it. Visit to learn about React development.


The following must be polyfilled to support older and non-compliant browsers (i.e. IE11):