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Offline tools


These features are considered experimental and are subject to breaking changes outside of the normal release cycle.

The app platform provides some support for PWA features, including a manifest.json file for installability and service worker which can provide offline caching. In addition to those features, the app runtime provides support for "cacheable sections", which are sections of an app that can be individually cached on-demand. The useCacheableSection hook and the CacheableSection component provide the controls for the section and the wrapper for the section, respectively. The useCachedSections hook returns a list of sections that are stored in the cache and a function that can delete them.

An important tool for offline-capable apps is the useDhis2ConnectionStatus hook, which can be used to determine whether or not the app can connect to the DHIS2 server. There is also a useOnlineStatus hook which returns whether or not the client is connected to the internet, but useDhis2ConnectionStatus is probably the one you want to use. On instances where DHIS2 is deployed locally in an environment without internet, useOnlineStatus can cause problems, because it will always return false even though the app can communicate with the DHIS2 server and therefore function just fine. useDhis2ConnectionStatus was created to address this problem.


To see some examples of the APIs in use, see the PWA example app in the platform repository.