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Introducing d2, the DHIS2 CLI

· 5 min read

Today we are excited to announce the stable v1.0 release of d2, the DHIS2 CLI!

d2 is a modular, standardized, and consolidated tool to make developing in the DHIS2 ecosystem as painless as possible.

There's quite a lot here, and more features coming soon!

I'll dive deeper into some advanced d2 features in another post, but here's a quick sampling of what you might want to do with it today.

  1. d2 utils uid generate - this replaces the one function of the old dhis2-cli tool, if you don't know what that is you probably don't need it.

  2. d2 style js apply --all --no-stage - Apply the DHIS2 code-style to all the javascript in a directory without staging the modified files in git

  3. d2 cluster up dev --seed - Create a local docker cluster including a DHIS2 core instance (the latest dev version), an NGINX gateway, and a Postgres database seeded with the Sierra Leone demodb This requires Docker running locally for now. See d2-cluster for details, or stay tuned for another post!

  4. d2 style commit check "feat: this is a test" - check whether or not a string matches the conventional commits specification (this is handy in a git hook!)

  5. d2 create cli my-cli-module - Create a new CLI module. This module can be published and run stand-alone, or included as a sub-module of d2

  6. Explore! You can run d2 --help to list all the commands and namespaces available, then d2 style --help and all the way down to d2 style js install --help.

How do you install it?

The pre-requisites for d2 are nodejs and the package manager yarn.

> yarn global add @dhis2/cli
> d2 --help
d2 <command>

d2 app Front-end application and library commands
d2 cluster Manage DHIS2 Docker clusters [aliases: c]
d2 create <type> [name] Create various DHIS2 components from templates
d2 style DHIS2 programmatic style for commit msgs/code
[aliases: s]
d2 utils Utils for miscellaneous operations
d2 debug Debug local d2 installation

--version Show version number [boolean]
--config Path to JSON config file
-h, --help Show help [boolean]

If you just want to run a single command without installing d2 globally, you can use npx, for instance both commands above are equivalent to npx @dhis2/cli --help

NB installation with npm install -g @dhis2/cli should also work but yarn is recommended.

NB there is an open issue tracking support for zero-dependency binary executables (which wouldn't require node be pre-installed).

If either installing d2 with npm or just by downloading an executable appeals to you, please indicate your support on issue #34 in the cli repository

What about other command-line utilites?

The goal of @dhis2/cli is to consolidate and standardize the various fragmented command-line utilities in the dhis2 ecosystem. If possible, other tools which can be implemented as Node.js scripts should be ported to d2 namespaces moving forward.

As an initial example of this transition, the code-style and packages tools introduced by Viktor Varland in an earlier post are now deprecated in favor of their d2 equivalents (d2 style instead of code-style. Yarn workspaces should be used instead of packages for simple mono-repo support, and d2 utils release replaces packages release, although this should only need to run in CI environments like travis)

Note The packages command packages exec which multiplexes commands across a mono-repo has not yet been ported to d2, so you might still need to use packages to run i.e. packages exec yarn build

Contributing and building your own CLI modules

Please contribute! The CLI is modular in design, so it's built to be easily extensible and repurposed. Here's how you can help d2, and how d2 can help you:

  1. If you find a bug, report it or help fix it!
  2. If you are familiar with command-line tools used in the DHIS2 ecosystem, particularly in development environments, and you think it might belong in the DHIS2 cli please let us know
  3. If you'd like to contribute to CLI development yourself, check it out on GitHub
  4. If you want to build a DHIS2 command-line tool with Node, whether or not it fits as a command or namespace in d2, you can use the d2 create cli too which will bootstrap a simple CLI module project. This module will include the dependency @dhis2/cli-helpers-engine

cli-helpers-engine (for curious technical folks)

This helper library provides low-level primitives like:

  • namespace for declaring groups of commands
  • makeEntryPoint for turning a command or namespace into an executable program
  • reporter which supports console output to stderr and stdout at different log levels, including support for --verbose and --quiet CLI options
  • cache which is a bit more complex but supports local caching of downloaded files and archives for use in the CLI program. See d2 debug cache --help to manage your local cache and the d2 cluster source for an example of the cache in action.