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  • ui 5 release

    We’ve recently released @dhis2/ui version 5. It unifies ui-core, ui-widgets and ui-forms to simplify the user experience and allow for some architectural changes. In this post we’ll go through the most important changes to try and help you with the upgrading process. To view a complete list of all the changes see the changelog.

  • ui-core 4 release

    As you might know, UI Core version 4 has recently been released. We recommend you check out our changelog for the full list of changes. There are also live demos and API docs at

  • Web Application Library deprecations

    In 2019 we established a new application development paradigm with the App Platform. The Platform provides a unified framework for DHIS2 Web App development, so it is time to deprecate a few of our legacy libraries!

  • DHIS2 with Docker

    The DHIS2 Core Team uses Docker to make development and testing efforts easier every day! It allows us to spin up various environments with any DHIS2 version, numerous tomcat versions and different components, such as Redis, NGINX, in no time. Because we wanted to share Docker with the community, we made publishing Docker images a part of our delivery pipeline. This guide aims to provide some guidelines on how to use Docker to quickly set up DHIS2.

  • What is this DHIS2 Application Platform?

    During the DHIS2 Annual Conference a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing our ongoing efforts to develop a formalized and consolidation Application Platform here at UiO.

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