DHIS2 Developer Meetups

Did you know that the DHIS2 Developer Community hosts bi-weekly meetups? 🤩

What are these meetups?#

A series of online and informal meetings with the DHIS2 Developer Community. These meetups are a great way for developers working on DHIS2-related projects to connect, ask questions and stay updated.

Topics range from meet and greet to technical web development discussions. These are some of topics covered so far in past meetings:

  • DHIS2 UI library - Storybook
  • What makes a good generic DHIS2 application?
  • How to use the DataStore?
  • Demo of the new App Hub
  • DHIS2 application testing with Cypress
  • Meet and Greet, general Q&A

Keep an eye on the CoP announcement category for our next live community event or join the DHIS2 Developer Community Slack Workspace to know more by filling out this form.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🎊