Contains technical reference for APIs specifications and other aspects of the DHIS2 ecosystem.

They describe how it works and how to use it but assume that you have a basic understanding of key concepts.

API Reference#

App Platform#

  • DHIS2 App Platform - build, test, and development tooling for app development
  • App Runtime - application configuration and declarative access to DHIS2 data

Component & Helper Libraries#

  • DHIS2 UI - components and related resources for the DHIS2 design system
  • Analytics - helper functions and common components for analytics applications
  • SMS Compression how the SMS library works and how it is used in server and Android side
  • SMS Syncing - how the SMS syncing works at every level (server, gateway, Android SDK, Android App) and how to test it

Command-line tools#

  • d2 - command-line interface for DHIS2 development
  • d2-style - standardized code and commit style enforcement
  • d2-utils-docsite - generate a documentation website with consistent structure and design

Legacy libraries#