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Getting started

After cloning a repository

The first time you check out a repo, you need to enable the Git hooks manually. Husky used to do this by default, but both NPM and Yarn are moving away from postinstall scripts.

This introduces a manual step. So a standard clone and install operations looks like:

git clone /path/to/repo && cd repo

yarn install

yarn d2-style install # this enables the hooks in .hooks

Fresh install

First up you will need to add d2-style as a development dependency. We recommend using Yarn as it is what we use by default, but NPM will work just fine.

yarn add @dhis2/cli-style --dev

Setup scripts

It is recommended to use Git hooks to check for style inconsistencies, and then applying the styles and staging the changes manually. It is possible to automatically stage after formatting, but it is no longer provided as out-of-the-box functionality.

Some example scripts follow:

"scripts": {
"lint": "yarn d2-style check",
"lint:staged": "yarn lint --staged",

"format": "yarn d2-style apply"
"format:staged": "yarn format --staged",

Install DHIS2 configuration files

d2-style can automatically generate the configuration files into the repository for you. For a list of valid groups and what tools they will configure, use:

yarn d2-style add --help

If a config file already exists, it may have local modifications, so the new config file is created with a .new suffix so that they can be manually merged.

To regenerate and overwrite, pass the --overwrite flag.

Configuration templates for tools

d2-style comes with templates for projects of different types that can be added to the project using the add command.

The structure is: d2-style add {tool} {template}

# to add the default eslint configuration
yarn d2-style add eslint

# to add the react eslint configuration
yarn d2-style add eslint react

To add Git hooks, the format is:

yarn d2-style add git-hook {hook} {command}


yarn d2-style add git-hook pre-commit "yarn d2-style apply && git add -u"
yarn d2-style add git-hook pre-push "yarn test"