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Getting Started

For an introduction to the Application Platform concept, there is a short article and video on the DHIS2 Developer Portal.

The Application Platform provides common build system, development tools, runtime support, and standard functionality for DHIS2 applications. The basic features of a modern, compliant, and functional application are all provided out-of-the-box.

Empty application shell

The baseline features built-in to any platform application include:

  • Build and development tooling (@dhis2/cli-app-scripts)

    • I18n extract/generate
    • Manifest generation
    • Dependency injection
    • Tests infrastructure
    • Transpilation & Bundling
    • App-shell encapsulation
    • Publication & Release
  • Application runtime support (@dhis2/app-runtime)

    • UI Components (@dhis2/ui)
    • API Data fetching
    • Translations
    • Configuration
    • Server discovery
    • Loading & Error handling
    • Authentication